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Hotel Vinayaga, a welcoming and comfortable hotel, furnished elegantly but carefully with quality services. The friendly atmosphere makes this hotel the ideal place for a stay in Tirupur, be it a business stay or with friends, your partner or with your whole family. Tirupur, the Textile city of India offers a pleasant, salubrious climate, not reaching the high tropical temperatures of southern coastal India. Situated in the Western part of the state of Tamil Nadu, it is an ideal place for shopping on your holidays or business trips.

Economical and elegant, simple and charming, we are happy to accommodate our guests according to their requirements. We provide interesting tourist guidelines that will help you to learn about the entire textile city's in and around tourists sights and we are willingly available to advise you about other places to eat, shop and enjoy your occasions.

"Dollar City", "Cotton City", "Hosiery Center" "Knit City" "Garment City" all these are names of just one city i.e. Tirupur from southern state Tamil Nadu, basically and traditional area famous for exporting textile items, knitwear and clothing. In the recent year's city gained fame for Casual Wear and Sportswear also. River Noyyal runs through the city and keep the soil fertile.