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Kumbakonam the Capital of Chola Kings in the 7th century, the city of divine strife, the "temple town", is one of the oldest towns in Tamil Nadu famous for its Mahamaham festival.Picturesquely located amidst the two rivers, Cauvery & Arasalars, the temple city of South India is situated in the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. The district has an ethos that is representative of the rural aesthetic tradition that, on the whole, still marks the life there.

Get set to be pleased with the gracious south Indian welcome from the moment you enter and become a part of the world that soaks in the basking glory of Kumbakonam. Located in the heart of the "temple town";, Poppys S.E.T Residency, Kumbakonam is a reflection of contemporary sophistication.Individualistic and distinctive, we offer an atmosphere of warmth while providing a holiday stay that is truly unforgettable.

The spellbinding Hospitality, Luxurious Elegance, Exquisite Interiors, Impeccable service with a myriad of amenities makes Poppys S.E.T Residency, one of the finest destinations in itself. Our rooms give the feel of an idyllic private world with an amazing experience.